Artist Amazing Transforms DC Comics Characters Into… Transformers!

Check out this amazing work by comic book artist Frederic Pham Chuong, who reimagined DC Comics characters as Transformers! We love the imagination here – although we do think that there was a lost opportunity in not having Mr. Freeze transform into an ice-cream truck (instead of a snow plough truck). Even so, there’s certainly more than meets the eye with this artwork; here are our favorites: 

The Bat Family

(We especially love how Batman transforms into the Batmobile!)

The Flash

Green Lantern



(As a triple-changer, no less!)

The Joker


Mr. Freeze


Green Arrow

Martian Manhunter

(Of course he transforms into a UFO!)


We thought this was interesting – there’s a bit of a “combiner” approach to differentiate Bane souped up on Venom versus without.

Wonder Woman

Which one was your favorite?



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