Always Wanted To Sync With Evangelion’s Eva Unit-01 IRL? Now You Can!

Toei Kyoto Studio Park, also known as Toei Uzumasa Eigamura, has just revealed a new attraction: a giant, 15-meter tall Evangelion EVA Unit-01 statue, rising up from a pool of LCL!

If you can look past the fact that one of the most, uh… crushingly devastating scenes in the Evangelion anime series involved Eva Unit-01 crushing someone with its hand… you can actually stand in the statue’s palm and pose for pictures.

Not only that, you can actually enter Unit-01’s entry plug, from which the mecha is controlled.   This is because, according to the statue’s backstory, the Kyoto branch of NERV is recruiting new EVA pilots. So, candidates are subjected to various tests, including taking a seat in the entry plug, holding on to the controls, and measuring your synchronization rate! Of course, you’ll just need to look past the crippling shut-downs that may occur if synch rates are too low and the loss of physical human forms if synch rates are too high! But hey, for the ‘Gram, am I right?

The EVA Unit-01 is scheduled to be open from October 3. More info here.



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