That Classic Naughty Joke About Superman, Wonder Woman, and The Invisible Man

Have you ever heard about that joke involving Superman, Wonder Woman, and The Invisible Man?

We heard it years ago; when we were but wee sprogs. A version of it eventually made its way to Hollow Man, the 2000 film starring Kevin Bacon. This, however, was the version we were told:

One day, Superman is flying around Metropolis when he sees Wonder Woman lying on the roof of the Hall of Justice – buck naked, spread eagle, writhing and moaning with pleasure. She’s clearly enjoying herself.

Turned on and feeling extremely horny, he flies down, whips out his super thing, and rocks Wonder Woman’s world with more power than a locomotive.

Sorta like this. (From The Dark Knight Strikes Again #2)

Finished, he rolls over with a contented sigh, and asks Wonder Woman, “Was that as good for you as it was for me?”

Wonder Woman replies, “It was great, but I don’t think The Invisible Man is ever going to walk again.”


Happy Monday, everyone!


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