Meet Marvel’s first gay Captain America

In a move that’s hopefully more than just mere tokenism, Marvel will introduce Aaron Fischer, a gay teenager, will take on the mantle Captain America, as part of Cap’s 80th anniversary celebration story arc, The United States of Captain America.

In the story arc beginning June, Steve Rogers will team up with former Captain Americas when his shield goes missing. Together, they will take a road trip across the US to find the shield and meet people from “all walks of life” who have taken on the mantle of Captain America to defend their communities.

Marvel, which has timed Fischer’s debut to coincide with Pride Month in the US, has described him as a “fearless teen who stepped up to protect fellow runaways and the unhoused.”

Series writer Josh Trujilo adds, “Aaron is inspired by heroes of the queer community: activists, leaders, and everyday folks pushing for a better life. He stands for the oppressed, and the forgotten. I hope his debut story resonates with readers, and helps inspire the next generation of heroes.”

Artist Jan Bazaldua also chimed in saying she “really enjoyed” creating Fischer, explaining, “As a transgender person, I am happy to be able to present an openly gay person who admires Captain America and fights against evil to help those who are almost invisible to society. While I was drawing him, I thought, well, Cap fights against super-powerful beings and saves the world almost always, but Aaron helps those who walk alone in the street with problems that they face every day.”

This isn’t Marvel’s only gay character – there’ve been quite a few, in fact. It will be interesting to what conversations will emerge from this depiction of a quintessential American icon.

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