Taiwanese Pokémon Go Grandpa’s Next Evolution: Bicycle Holding 64 Smartphones

You might remember Chen San-yuan from Taiwan, who became famous for playing Pokémon Go at a level far greater than you: where lesser mortals play on one or two devices, the senior citizen has been playing an ever-increasing number of smartphones. He previously made the news for modifying his bicycle to initially hold 11, then 30, and then 45 smartphones to play the augmented-reality game that encourages you to physically more around to hunt for Pokémon. However, he recently evolved into his next form – his bicycle now holds 64 smartphones!

Gotta use ’em all to catch ’em all!

We certainly don’t think this is his final form yet – but he’s already become our inspiration for retirement: to retire with enough income so we can flex our free time the way Chen has done with Pokémon Go.



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