Pokémon Go Creators To Develop Settlers of CATAN Augmented Reality Game

Niantic, creators of the Pokémon Go augmented reality (AR) smartphone game, has revealed in a blog post that it is developing at least 10 new AR games, one of which will be based on the massively popular boardgame Settlers of Catan!

Niantic is calling the game CATAN – World Explorers and has already set up an official website for the game. Typical of AR games, players will need to explore real-world locations to gather resources like lumber, wool, grain, brick, and ore. Similar to the boardgame, not all resources will be available in a single region, so players must connect with others worldwide to trade, so they can create settlements and build civilization. Players will also be able to earn “Victory Points” by collecting resources and growing settlements to “contribute to your Faction’s Global Score and your personal Local Game.”

CATAN – World Explorers will enter beta very soon, and you can stay updated at catanworldexplorers.com.


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