The tragic origin of Red Lantern Dex-Starr

When we explored an overview of DC Comics’ Lantern Corps, we were reminded of the tragic origin story of Dex-Starr the Red Lantern.

Originally intended as a joke, Dex-Starr was created by Geoff Johns and Shane Davis and had his first appearance in Final Crisis: Rage of the Red Lanterns. Due to positive response, however, Dex-Starr became featured more prominently and his origin story was told several years later in Green Lantern #55.

Johns has described Dex-Starr described Dex-Starr as “the most sadistic and malicious” of the Red Lanterns. So, his origin story becomes an even more moving tale, as we learn how – in all of the 3,600 sectors of the universe – a cat from earth could possess enough rage to be recruited into the Red Lantern Corps.

Prepare for all the feels:

Dex-Starr was once Dexter, an adorable stray kitty who was adopted by a woman in Brooklyn who treated him kindly. Unfortunately, a burglar broke into their home one night. During the break-in Dexter tried to defend his owner and attacked the burglar – but unfortunately, his owner is murdered and Dexter is kicked out of the house by the investigating police officers. Now on the streets, Dexter is captured by a couple of sadistic thugs who throw him into a sack and off the Brooklyn Bridge. Before he hit the water, though, a Red Power Ring finds him and, sensing great rage in his heart, inducts him into the Red Lantern Corps. Now as Dex-Starr, he takes revenge on the thugs that threw him off the bridge and vows to find his owner’s killer – because he’s a “good kitty.”


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