Check Out The Action In The Star Wars: Squadrons Gameplay Trailer

Since the official reveal trailer for Star Wars: Squadrons last week, more information about the upcoming game has been shared. We now have the gameplay trailer has now been released and we’ve learned a few things.

First, in Star Wars: Squadrons we’ll get to play both sides; as the New Republic’s Vanguard Squadron and Imperial Remnant’s Iron Squadron. We’ll engage in 5v5 multiplayer space battles with your squadron to achieve goals and objectives with Fleet Battles as well as participate in Dogfights across known and new locations like Yavin Prime and the shattered moon of Galitan.

Second, the single-player campaign will depict events following the Battle of Endor after the Rebel Alliance successfully destroyed the Second Death Star. We’ll get to play both sides: as part of the New Republic’s Vanguard Squadron, and the Galactic Empire’s Titan Squadron. The story will introduce new characters and have appearances from familiar faces like The trailer also reveals cameo appearances from familiar Star Wars characters like Wedge Antilles, and Star Wars Rebels’ Hera Syndulla who is now a General in the New Republic.

Third – and this is a cause for celebration – microtransactions aren’t a major factor for gameplay – as far as we can tell, for now (Yay…?!). There will be loads of cosmetic and gameplay customization options along with rewards and bonuses – all of which can be earned solely through gameplay!

Another thing: we’ll get to play as a squadron with friends and against others, regardless of platform: across Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and even VR!

Check out the gameplay trailer here:


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