[Updated] Pilots Wanted: New Star Wars Game “Squadrons” Revealed

[Story updated: 16 June 2020]

The promised official reveal trailer for EA’s new game, Star Wars Squadrons has dropped and it looks promising! Squadrons will see players get into Rebellion starfighters like the X-Wings and Y-Wings or Imperial TIE Fighters and Interceptors to duke it out in an aerial dog fight!

Similar to its Star Wars: Battlefront franchise, the game will lean more towards a multiplayer experience, there will also be a single-player campaign. It is set after the events of Episode VI: The Return Of The Jedi and will follow two separate squadrons – one each from the New Republic and Imperial Remnant: Vanguard Squadron and Titan Squadron, respectively. The trailer also reveals cameo appearances from familiar Star Wars characters like Wedge Antilles, and Star Wars Rebels’ Hera Syndulla who is now a General in the New Republic.

Star Wars: Squadrons will be released on PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4 on October 2.

Check out the trailer below.

EA just teased its new game, Star Wars: Squadrons with a tweet saying, “Pilots wanted.” Based on the title artwork, rumors and leaks, fans can expect a game about piloting X-wings, Tie Fighters and more in dogfights around the galaxy!

According to some reports, the game will feature “a single-player campaign, but the main focus for Squadrons is on the multiplayer. The idea is to get players fighting against each other in team battles featuring iconic Star Wars vessels.” It is expected to launch this Fall, putting it around the August to October timeframe.

The reveal trailer for Star Wars: Squadrons is already locked and loaded to go live on Monday, June 15, at 8:00am pacific time:


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