#FanFilmFriday: Godzilla vs Mito Komon

From the far reaches of the internet and social media, we bring to you this this Friday’s epic fan film: Godzilla vs. Mito Komon, an 11-minute experience that could only be appreciated as (literally) one man’s love and devotion for Godzilla!

Apparently, this was a student film made in 1991 by Shinya Takeshita of the Osaka Art University. It stars Takeshita-san who plays every single character in the film. Yes, all of them: Godzilla, Ultraman, King Ghidorah, Mito Komon, various henchmen, and even several electrical steel towers. Not only that, he also seems to do all the music and sound effects – yes, all. of. them!

You just have to see this for yourself, and enjoy it for what it for what it is (whatever it is):

One man’s love for Godzilla on full display.

Total viewing time: 11:05 minutes

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