Gamer Grandma Is Our #LifeGoals

Meet Hamako Mori, Gamer Grandma

Meet Hamako Mori, a 90-year-old Japanese woman, who officially set a new high score with the Guinness World Records as the world’s oldest gaming YouTuber!

Known as “Gamer Grandma,“ Mori has built a cult following online with over 250,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel, which was launched in 2015. Posting about four times a month, her videos see her doing all sorts of typical gamer activities like unboxing new consoles and streaming her gaming awesomeness.

Mori, who’s currently into Grand Theft Auto V and the PlayStation 4, said she started her uploading gaming videos because she wanted to share with others. Otherwise, “It’s such a waste if I’m the only one enjoying it,” she says.

He thanks her fans for this recognition:

Congratulations, Gamer Grandma! You’ve certainly become our inspiration for our #lifegoals!


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