#FanFilmFriday: Avatar The Last Airbender: Agni Kai

We’re huge fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender, so we were more than a little giddy to discover this fan film based on the series. To be honest, calling this a fan film undersells it, especially the quality and talent involved!

Produced by Re:Anime, the film features Azula about to be crowned as the new Fire Lord, but her ceremony is interrupted by the arrival of her brother Prince Zuko and the Katara the Waterbender. Zuko challenges Azula to Agni Kai – a traditional Firebender duel that is only won when one opponent burns the other. The framing story this things off with a nice little pay off that should be seen to be enjoyed. Overall, it’s a great display of martial arts, decent use of CGI, and a great overall story in a powerful package just shy of 10 minutes. If anything, it’s arguably better the 2010 dud The Last Airbender!

Total time: 9:53 minutes.

Behind the scenes video here.

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