These Star Wars Prequel Trilogy Posters Look Better Than The Actual Movies


These Star Wars movie posters for the prequel trilogy (Star Wars: Episodes I, II, and III – or, the shitty ones), look a whole lot better than the actual movies they’re promoting.

Designed by Eric Tan, who works at Disney and designs consumer products, these prints highlight some of the most iconic scenes from The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, and Revenge of the Sith. The 12 x 36 inch prints can be purchased from Bottleneck Gallery; separately for US$50 each or together as a 3-print set with matching numbers for US$140.

Tan confesses that he doesn’t love the sequels (nothing to be ashamed of, buddy), “I wasn’t a fan of those films’ stories but I did appreciate the production design within them. With the prequels prints, I was able to add all the characters and vehicles that I felt were well-designed and could make for striking imagery.”

Tan has done a similar set of posters for the original trilogy (which you can see here) but Disney only released them via their own website, framed. They originally cost $400 each and were limited to only 100 each – which means, if you want one now, you’d best consider whether you really do need two kidneys to live with… or not.

In the meantime, though, you can keep both kidneys and shell out a measly US$140 for the full set of 3 prints here.

Via i09.



  1. the last prequel (now the second-last i guess, if you count rogue one) was pretty good. i didnt notice if there was a story, the effects were too good.

    the story of episode i and ii seemed to drag on forever. i like sci-fi more than fantasy, and to me star wars always straddled the two. i refuse to go watch rogue one– more than anything because the franchise has changed hands; however i freely admit that the trailer was one of the best trailers ive ever watched. i was impressed.


    • Thanks for sharing. I agree the prequel trilogies were better in terms of visual effects. That’s just a function of technology catching up and being available. Unfortunately, it felt like an orgy of CGI and green screen; and, like an actual orgy, may be fun to watch for a while, but after a while… meh. That’s where I think they lost the plot (literally) for Episodes I, II & III. Having said that, I do think you’ll do yourself a favor of you watch Rogue One. IMHO, it’s the best Star Wars movie to date.

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