Fan Film Friday: Celebrating Geeky Fan Films Across The Interwebs


When it comes to film making, an exponential amount of work goes into an incremental amount of results. Just check out the credits list at the end of every move you watch – for the 90 minutes or so of screen time, there’s a shit tonne of people behind the scenes making things happen (even for the crappiest of movies).

So, when it comes to fan films, we think it’s quite possibly the most passionate of passion projects. The video may last 10-20 minutes, but there has been many days of work involved in bringing it to life. For some true-blue fans, it’s all about participating in the process, contributing to the mythology, and luxuriating in the geekiness of it all.

We salute these fellow geeks!

Starting this Friday, we’re going to start featuring one Fan Film each Friday to watch. Some of them will be good, some of them will be bad, some of them will make us go, “WTF?!”

But ultimately, we will share in each other’s geekiness and celebrate it.

Besides, it’s a nice way to end the week before the weekend kicks in, no?

Got a fan film to recommend? Send a tip!


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