Lego MOC Sentinel Made To Minifigure Scale Is Amazeballs

You know the Sentinels from Marvel’s X-men?

In the comics, a Sentinel is a gigantic robot (well, a bunch of them) created by Bolivar Trask, to save humanity by destroying mutants.

In the real world,  a Sentinel is this AMAZING built-to-minifig-scale Lego MOC created by Harry Pinto!



It’s amazing on so many levels.

First, it’s really built to scale:

The Hulkbuster has no chance!!!

Secondly, it’s ENORMOUS (looks like the size of a small child):

Thirdly, look at all the details – like this chest light:

Completed Sentinel Pics. #legosentinel #sentinel #xmen #lego #marvel #mastermold

And finally, it’s super posable – like a real toy you’d play with and not some fixed statue for display:


Check out more amazing pics at Henry Pinto’s Flickr photostream.

Harry Pinto, you the man.



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