Someone Made A Real Life Rocket Raccoon Taxidermy

Imagine THIS Rocket Racoon in your home… staring at you with its beady, unblinking eyes.

There is no limit to geekdom, especially when it comes to creative expression. So, who are we to judge when we learned about Kathy Rose of Reanimate who chose to create a taxidermy version of the Guardians of the Galaxy’s wise-cracking, smart-mouthed Rocket Racoon?

Rose, assures us that the raccoon she used for this taxidermy was “naturally sourced” and that “no animal was killed for this project.” It’s appears quite lifelike and has poseable limbs and a custom-made outfit.

Check it out here:

Rose describes herself as

“…a 25 year old Biology student specializing in animal science. As a lifelong animal lover and artist, I had the brilliant idea to combine my passions. I am self taught, but thanks to my anatomy and art background, taxidermy came almost naturally. I am a vegetarian and animal activist, none of the animals I work with were killed for the sake of my art. I don’t support taking lives, and actually greatly oppose it. Unfortunately, animals die everyday from causes beyond our control, and that is where I come in. I do my best to breathe new life into these poor creatures, allowing them to be loved and appreciated even after death.”

Our kudos to Rose for this amazing work of art!

But would you keep a taxidermy figure like this to your collection at home?


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