You Can Now Own A Life-sized Animatronic Deadpool Head!

As part of 6-16 (June 16) – which is apparently the day to celebrate Marvel’s mainstream universe, Earth-616 (thanks, marketing department!) – Hasbro has revealed a new Marvel Legends Premium Interactive Animatronic Deadpool Head! 

True to being the Merc with a Mouth, the Deadpool head is a life-sized animatronic that comes loaded with up to 600 phrases – lines from Marvel comic books, obscure comic trivia references, and more – and it won’t shut up (unless you remove the batteries, that is)! Given Deadpool’s characterization, though, the toy is marked for fans 18 and older mostly due to language. And sadly, it isn’t voiced by Ryan Reynolds… but it sure does sound close!

The Deadpool head is interactive; it reacts to sounds and being moved. It will say things at specific locations or if you do certain things. For example, if you pick him up, he’ll say “Hold me close, and call me Logan” or “C’mon, give me a generic trademark-free upside-down superhero kiss,” with a little “mwah!” when you turn him upside down.

It also connects with a free app, which lets you play pranks, insult your friends and family, or wake you up in the morning. It will also probably allow for more expressions in the future and play other voice games. The face is also quite expressive: the eyes change shape and you can see the jaw move along whenever Wade Wilson speaks.

The packaging and instructions also maintain character, complete with designs and wisecracks by Deadpool himself. Once you’re done with the instruction sheet, there are additional instructions for you to fold it into a paper hat for the Deadpool head!

Here’s the faux TV commercial introducing it:

There’s even a special number you can call (if you’re in the US) for Deadpool to talk to you: 1-833-DPS-HEAD!

You can check out the full Hasbro Pulse 6.16 Reveal livestream video here.



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