PokéToon Reimagines Pokémon As A Looney Tunes Cartoon

Have you ever wondered what Pokémon would look like if it was a Looney Tunes cartoon? Well, wonder no more! Yoshiyuki Koie, a producer for Pokémon: Twilight Wings web series on YouTube, has produced a short 4-minute-plus cartoon answering your question.

The short cartoon – referred to as a Pokétoon – is titled “Chase The Beans.” It debuted on Pokemon Kids TV, an official Pokemon YouTube account for young children. It stars Scraggy (or Zuruggu, in Japanese) and Mimikyu depicted in the classic animation style of Looney Tunes in the 1940s and 1950s. The story follows the hungry Scraggy’s pursuit of a trail of heart-shaped beans which leads him to a train where it meets the shapeshifting Mimikyu.

Check out their adventure here:



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