Hey You Cool Cats And Kittens, There’s A Tiger King Comic Book!

Well, in case you didn’t get enough of Netflilx’s wildly popular, absolutely meme-worthy Tiger King, TidalWave Productions has your back! On June 24, the company will publish Infamous: Tiger King, a 24-page comic book based on Tiger King’s Joe Exotic and his nemesis Carole Baskin, owner of Big Cat Rescue and animal rights activist. It will be a flipbook and published in both print and digital formats.

(Seriously, it’s never ending with these folks: Baskins just won custody of Joe Exotic’s zoo, while it was also recently confirmed that the will of her ex-husband – whom Baskins was rumored to have murdered and fed to tigers – was forged!)

The comic book is part of TidalWave’s biographical series which “delve into the history of newsworthy figures and explore what shaped them.” They have previously published biographies of major figures in the worlds of politics, sports, and entertainment; which included one of pornographic actor and director Stormy Daniels, who is probably most familiar in recent times as being paid hush money by Donald Trump to cover up an alleged affair that occurred before he was elected as US president.


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