“Knight Rider” & Other 80s Geek Themes By 1 Cellist Playing 8 Cellos

Samara Ginsberg is a cellist based in London and probably bored with the COVID-19 life, which is why she’s been uploading videos of her playing 80s theme songs on her cello. The trick though? She’s arranged them into 8-parts on the cello… and she plays all the 8 parts!

She most recently uploaded a video of her playing the theme song of Knight Rider, which you might remember from the 80s. The show starred The Hoff playing protagonist Michael Knight and the coolest car everyone wanted to have then: a talking, autonomous robot car named KITT, in the form of an iconic black 1982 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am with a glowing red scanner bar.

Ginsberg, who also produces “virtuoso arrangements of cartoon/film/tv/video game themes,” has previously uploaded a video of her performing a one-woman, eight-part arrangement of Darth Vader’s theme music from Star Wars, the Imperial March:

And also another 80s favorite, the theme song for the Inspector Gadget cartoon:

We’re looking forward to her next videos and are holding out especially for the Airwolf theme song!



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