Wash Away Your Stress With PowerWash Simulator!

Simulator games occupy a very strange place in our heads – there are serious ones like the classics Sim City or Roller Coaster Tycoon where you might actually learn something about managing a city or roller coaster park; or “You need Jesus” ones like The Sims, which – admit it – lets you play out your darkest control freak fantasies; or even whimsical WTF ones like Goat Simulator.

And then there’s this one: PowerWash Simulator.

Oddly gratifying.

Just like real life, it’s an oddly gratifying experience to be power wash away encrusted dirt and muck to reveal brilliant, pristine colors and patterns underneath (a great metaphor for our lives, so says our therapist).

While it’s still only a demo, the release was brought forward by creators Futurlab “so that everyone can take a moment to relax and breathe.” The game can be downloaded here, and you can check out how it plays in this video:

If you can excuse us, we’ll be zenfully zoning out as we cathartically spray away the metaphorical dirt from the houses that represent our lives. Then journal about it.


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