Yes, that’s a real, working, flame-throwing trombone

Remember, that one time, at band camp – when you thought to yourself how remarkably similar a trombone looked to a bazooka?

No? Maybe just us, then.

Trombonist Valentin Guérin has successfully created his Pyro-Trombone; which works both as a trombone and a thrower!!! Guérin explains: “The Pyro-Trombone was developed with the help of pyrotechnicians, it meets the standards for outdoor performances.”

It is quite a sight to behold as he plays this seven-minute piece – Fantastic Polka by Arthur Pryor – dedicated to his awesome creation. It reminds us of Mad Max: Fury Road’s Flamethrower-Guitar guy, but a lot more classy and a lot less poat-apocalyptically dystopian.



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