Japanese Visual Artist Wows Us With Ultraman In Singapore Timelapses

Japanese visual artist Satoshi “Miz” Mizushima recently caught our attention with his stunning work; incorporating beloved Japanese superhero character Ultraman into the landscape of Singapore.

Ultraman is a Japanese superhero character especially beloved in many parts of Asia. Debuting in 1966, the character has gone through several iterations since (most recently as a Netflix original), but the core has mostly remained the same: he’s a giant superhero who battles kaiju (equally gigantic monsters) and must defeat them before his power – indicated by a blinking light on his body – runs out.

While the stills drew our attention to his work, what really floored us were the time lapse videos he created. Here are some of our favorites:

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Overcome the invisible enemy!

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This series seems to be based off an earlier project where Miz incorporated Ultraman into the skyline of Tokyo:

Check out more on Miz’s Instagram and let us know which is your favorite!



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