Happy Mother’s Day, Martha Kent; The World’s Finest Mom

For Mother’s Day, we initially thought we’d run some listicle ranking the best Moms in geekdom.

However, we started thinking about all the moms in geekdom and how difficult trying to rank all these amazing moms was going to be.

Then, we thought about your mom; but that was neither here nor there. Unlike last night with her, which was both here and there! Heh.

In the end, through all the list permutations we considered, one Mom shone through as the paragon of superhuman motherhood: Superman’s adopted mother Martha Kent.

Think about it.

No matter how many continuity reboots have happened, regardless of the dimension or timeline, across every medium… Martha Kent has consistently managed to raise the most powerful man on earth not to be a massive douchebag despite his superhuman abilities.

For that reason alone, we think she’s the World’s Finest mom.

So Happy Mother’s Day, Martha Kent; the World’s Finest mom!

Ma Kent, World’s Finest Mom

Think we’re right, or wrong? Need to say something about your mom and last night? Hit us up in the comments.


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