Happy Masters Of The Universe Day!

Today, we celebrate the power within you because it’s Masters Of The Universe Day (MOTU Day)!

Way back in 1987 in Los Angeles, former Mayor Tom Bradley decreed that April 28 was to be celebrated as MOTU Day. This was apparently reported in the Los Angeles Times on April 23, 1987. Although, we could not verify this directly – most fan sites insist that it is true and refer to this transcription of this news article here.

Masters of the Universe Day event was created solely for promotional purposes – much like the cartoons, films and almost most everything else about the the franchise. In this case, it was for The Masters of the Universe Power Tour – a live theatrical stage show that toured the USA and Canada throughout 1987, which saw He-Man, She-Ra and the Heroic Warriors transported to Earth in order to share their culture and history.

Since 1987, though, there hasn’t been any further “official” recognition for MOTU day, but that’s not going to stop the MOTU geekdom, is it?



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