Chewbacca Does To Unkar Plutt What Wookies Are Known To Do


Star Wars loves disarming characters, doesn’t it?

In fact, has an article that keeps track of every single limb lost in Star Wars films! Horrifyingly, there’s at least one dismemberment – either organic or artificial limbs – in each film, from Episode 1 to 6. When asked in an interview with Vanity Fair about why the fixation with dismemberment in Star Wars films, George Lucas merely answered, “That’s what happens when you play with swords.”

And now, you can add Episode 7, too.

In a deleted scene from Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens – included in the 3D Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray but released online now – we see Unkar Plutt harassing Rey, before Chewie steps in. Then, Plutt makes the idiotic mistake of challenging Chewie, declaring, “I’m not afraid of you,” while poking the Wookie’s bandaged arm.

What happens next is brutal… but, as Han Solo warned all those years ago, that’s just what Wookies are known to do.


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