Happy 2017! Where the hell have you been?

Credit: Genuine Human

It’s always easier to indulge in geekery than it is to wax lyrical about said geekery.

That’s what happened to this site.

It started innocently enough – lots of fun indulging in geekery and sparking conversations across the interwebs to mutual nergasms.

But we might have lost the plot along the way.

What started as a passion project soon felt like a drudgery… like work. Not the “find something you enjoy and you’ll never work another day of your life” kind of work. The “oh my god I’ve got to make this work!” kind of work.

Real life, as it always does, got in the way and we had to start adulting.

The passion, though, never died.

We still geeked out. We still had our nergasms. And we were still opinionated with our geekscoveries.

And once in a while, we’d remember that this place still existed and we’d pop by to just… ya know, take a look around and reminisce.

So, we told ourselves… why not give it one more shot? Let’s indulge in our geekery again – only, this time, without losing the plot. Just being ourselves, all the awesomeness that is geekery across the internet… and our opinions.

And here we are. We hope you’ll follow us on our geekscoveries and engage with our opinionated geekery.

Happy 2017!


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