Google Wants You to Choose a Side

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is coming and like all good brands that want to cash in on the hype-train, Google has partnered up with Disney to create a global interactive campaign for the weeks counting down. You have to pick a side first – of course.

The Jedi Academy is where you make that choice – yes, very much you and not some cranky wizard’s hat needs to do the job. Once the faction is picked – Light or Dark, whichever you want – will the changes be then made to all the Google apps and services that are signed onto your Google account.

Sounds simple enough. Now let’s get to the fun part – the Star Wars themes and Easter Eggs that Google has incorporated into its identity:

  • Gmail will have a lightsaber replacing the loading bar while the background will reflect the faction you chose
  • Google Maps will feature an X-Wing or Tie-Fighter in place of your car and the Yellow Guy will don a Stormtropper or Resistance Pilot costume, again depending on the sides picked
  • Google Chrome will get a custom extension that changes the background image for every new tab opened
  • YouTube has its loading and seeker bars as well as the volume control switch over to a lightsaber. The latter has a nifty sound effect too

…And so much more that if it is all shared here, it would totally ruin the fun. So go on, go join a Jedi faction and out what is in store within all of Google Apps.

Beyond these changes, Google has promised to bring forth two massive changes in the weeks to the movie premiere. No hints on what they are just yet but they will affect Google Chrome in a big way and the other will need Google Cardboard. So, yes indeed, it is time to ask around for one of those fangled VR headsets.



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