New Warcraft Movie Trailer Leaves Nothing to Chance

By now anyone worth their salt would have watched the new Warcraft movie trailer. Fans roared with pride the very second they saw a man – likely Anduin Lothar – jumped onto a Gryphon with sword in hand.

Indeed, the very first scene brought, not just a sense of relief, but a jaw-dropping feeling that promises that the Warcraft live-action would be, likely, a grand take.

The big visuals of armies wielding their weapons, even if it’s passé, serve the purpose, just as well, for it reinforces how big the movie would be in terms of scale.

Even the quieter scenes that juxtapose the wayward Orcs with their bloodlust and need for conflict. Fans of the videogame will remember that the Horde, a generally bloodthirsty bunch somewhat, is attuned to their environment and eco-friendly when not caught up in their misery.

Having Shamans, Riflemen, and Mages being teased in milisecond cuts add some homage to the whole thing, giving fans even more things to be excited about.

If anything, this trailer proves that the Warcraft movie can be a big deal. Now let’s just hope the entire film won’t be a watershed event.

All images are copyrighted to: Blizzard Entertainment, Legendary Pictures



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