Netflix Take on Jessica Jones Positively Surprises

When Marval Studios and Netflix confirmed that it has picked up and produce the live-action TV series for Jessica Jones, many fans – for the heroine turned private investigator and the everyday Marvel True Believer – have been cautiously optimistic as this breaks away from the tried-and-true method of making superheroes fit for TV. That all changed when Marvel released two teaser trailers for the show.

The first trailer only reveals a part of Jones and her affinity with sleeping in. Of course, the big deal for this particular video reveal is her adaptability to managing super-strength. Yes, this power-gal has no qualms about smashing alarms and is not ‘trying to keep things in check’. That – in itself – is a major confirmation that Jones is past her heroic daring-dos and had, at some point, hung up her Jewel persona, or what the TV version would portray it to be.

When the second trailer appeared, it confirmed – without any shred of doubt – that Jones, with Breaking Bad’s Krysten Ritter doing a decent turn of a troubled-past character, is in the private investigation business. Even if the timeline isn’t specified, it is clear that her current outfit has been around long enough that the cops and local town administration aren’t at loggerheads with her.

Another surprise that most, fans especially, would quickly spot are the possibility of the Heroes for Hire team forming. Why? Well, the other guy sharing the same amount of screen time with Jones on the trailer, while unnamed still, is a direct reference to another Marvel hero: Luke Cage. While there is no sign of him using his Power Man persona, he is one of the founding members of Marvel Comic’s only heroic team that hail from the streets, Heroes for Hire.

Of course, this could be the perfect counterpart to Netflix’s take on Defenders since having confirmed Iron Fist means three out of the four key members for Heroes for Hire has been locked in.

Fans who are in the know have also been wondering if Cage’s presence will link up the Jessica Jones TV series with the Marvel Avengers movies since Cage is a mainstay member, at one time or another, of two Avengers teams – New and Mighty – in the comics.


There are also two references made with the Alias signage, the private investigation company Jones manages. This Easter Egg is a hats off gesture to Brian Michael Bendis, the creator of the comic that used the name, Alias. Of course, Alias is also the specific Marvel comic that Jones first appeared in and headlined on her own.


Even the insanely popular Daredevil TV remake – well, just the logo – appeared, confirming that the same team behind the grittier production for the ‘Man without Fear’ is part of the core development for Jessica Jones. In fact, while it had been speculation at first, Netflix has confirmed that Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock/Daredevil is set to make an appearance on the Jessica Jones series.

As for the last surprise:


Yes, that is Trinity! No, there will be no Matrix crossover. It’s just Carrie Anne Moss doing her best Maria Hill portrayal as she plays an original character on the Jessica Jones set. The only other detail confirmed about Moss’ role is the name and plot involvement: Harper and being a powerfully placed person who can help Jones.

This is definitely a big sign of things to come from the House of Ideas.

All copyrighted images are taken from: Marvel Studios, Netflix


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