Kid Creates PowerPoint Presentation Seeking Parents Permission To Play Grand Theft Auto V


When your 13-year-old suddenly says that he wants to have a private conversation after dinner, your mind goes to many, many places.

However, the one place it doesn’t expect to end up in the streets of Los Santos!

Imgur user Jestersheister‘s son wanted to play Grand Theft Auto V, but the smart kid knew that his parents would require some convincing. So, he prepared a PowerPoint presentation to make the case.

Looking through his slide deck here, we’ve got to say the boy has some pretty strong fundamentals when it comes to sales pitching and slide design. His slide deck even has three possible endings, depending on his parents’ response.

And yes, the kid convinced his parents. According to Jestersheister, “He had us three slides in, but we made a good show of reticence.”

Clearly, this kid has a future in sales, marketing and corporate management!

View the entire presentation:


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