Erotic Artist Milo Manara’s Tribute To Frontline Workers

Milo Manara is renowned Italian comic book writer and artist – known especially for his signature erotic work. His art style, in particular, portrays women in ways that have been deemed controversial, for example: the infamous Spider Woman #1 variant cover from 2014.

The infamous Spider Woman #1 variant cover by Milo Manara

With that in mind, his recent work- uploaded to his Facebook and Instagram – has demonstrated a marked difference from his usual fare. One might even say that, since living in lockdown in Italy due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, Manara may have newfound appreciation for how women can (should?) be depicted in his signature style, even as he declares his appreciation for frontline and essential workers.

We especially like this one…

…which is part of a series that has also been made into a simple video.

Check out our favorites below, and more on Manara’s Facebook and Instagram.


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