Watch: Nerdist’s Epic Mash-up Tribute To Wonder Woman

Just in time for what looks to be a promising Wonder Woman movie starring Gal Gadot, the folks at Nerdist have released a new music video mash-up tribute directed by the same guy that gave us the Beauty And The Beast/Migos music parody “Belle And Boujee” and the Spider-Man/Bruno Mars video “That Spidey Life“.

In this video, not only did the Nerdist team rewrites six “classic feminist anthems” to include Wonder Woman-related lyrics, they were also able to get the videos to look  like the source videos and also tracing Wonder Woman’s costumes throughout the years.

Check out Nerdist’s page for the video – to find out more about the full credits, lyrics as well as the six source videos that inspired this mash up.


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