Ballsy Rube Goldberg Machine Japanese Children’s Story Is All Heart

This video recently made its way around our social media timelines; although a quick Google search reveals that this video has enjoyed multiple resurgences for several years now.

From a Japanese children’s TV program called Pitagora Suitchi (ピタゴラスイッチ or PythagoraSwitch), this video is called “Bisuke Ball’s Big Adventure Part 2”; a sequel to a video that was released earlier (but has since been taken down). It is the story of three brothers – Biita (green ball), Biisuke (red ball), and Biigoro (yellow ball). Biisuke has been captured and Biita and Biisuke embark on an adventure to rescue their brother.

The story unfolds throughout the course of a massive Rube Goldberg machine accompanied by a song that tells the story of their adventure.

Who knew balls could inspire so much heart?




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