You Might Be Embarrassed Admitting You Recognise This Japanese Swimming Pool

So, we didn’t know this (really!).

Apparently, this is the most (in)famous swimming pool for anyone who’s ever watched Japanese porn. Often referred to as “that pool” (あのプール or ano puuru) or “the usual pool” (例のプール or rei no puuru), this pool has been featured in so many Japanese porn videos that it’s become a sort-of-celebrity on its own.

For example, it’s been recreated in Minecraft:

In a manga for kids – as a tongue-in-cheek visual gag:

In ads for adult toys:

In adult games:

In other video games:

In cosplaying backdrops (taken tongue-in-cheek… of course…?)

And, even in kids’ TV shows like Kamen Rider Fourze, which featured the pool in an innocuous scene:

It even has a book written about it, featuring interviews with porn stars, factoids, bikini pics, and a list of movies featuring the pool:

The real live location of this pool is in the famous Shinjuku suburb of  Tokyo.

So, if you recognise it – just give a knowing smirk and a slight nod… then, don’t swim in it.

Hat tip: Kotaku


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