We’re Fawning Over This Baby Yoda And Darth Maul Mash Up

There was a collective squeal throughout the galaxy when The Child (known more popularly as “Baby Yoda”) was first introduced in The Mandalorian; as there was a collective gasp when Darth Maul was first introduced during in Episode I: The Phantom Menace. With both of them you have one of the cutest creatures in Star Wars and one of the most fearsome Sith Lords on opposite ends of the spectrum.

So naturally, someone had to mash them together.

Professional artist Chris Bobinski decided that this made total sense after recently finishing the Clone Wars and The Mandalorian series. “I figure Clone Wars and The Mandalorian needs to connect somehow. I’m guessing this is not how. Who knows. Ha. But the ending of The Clone Warswas fantastic.”

Bobinski shared his design online and has since been inundated with cries “I need this!” and “Take my money!”

Visit Bobinski’s website for more Baby Yoda images – both in his normal iteration and his Darth Maul mash up version.

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