Our favorite story from Catwoman’s 80th anniversary special

Okay, we’ve made no secret that we enjoyed Tom King’s run in the Bat universe – even though his run up to the Bat and Cat wedding was one of the most polarizing moves in recent history. We like how he brought out the humanity of Batman and his supporting cast – especially through their dialogue.

For Catwoman’s 80th anniversary special, King tells the story of Catwoman and Batman having a child together. Titled “Helena,” the story isn’t really about fighting crime, but about balancing one’s inner nature and the responsibilities one has towards the people they love. 

That said, we’ve gotta call this out: it’s a really odd choice to depict Catwoman being pregnant in her skin-tight suit and also battling bad guys with Batman. C’mon, we get that comics are about fantasy but this just seems really irresponsible, unsafe… and just too unrealistic! How many heavily pregnant women do you know are able to take on rooftop skirmishes and perch precariously on a gargoyle at the top of a tall building?

Even so, all in all, it’s a really beautiful story with a touching ending felt like Catwoman’s high-heeled kick to our guts. We had to go wipe our eyes a little because… uh, diamonds were sparkling in our eyes. 



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