Dreams Do Come True: A Working Kylo Ren Lightsaber Exists!

Speaking of lightsabers, Canadian YouTuber and engineer the Hacksmith, recently revealed a real-life, working Kylo Ren crossguard lightsaber! The hilt is built from 3D-printed titanium, while the blade is made out of ceramic-insulated tungsten to allow it to heat up to 1,650°C (3,000°F) without buckling. He then takes it out for a joyride – which includes an epic moment where he “slices” through a door panel as if it were butter, just like a real lightsaber!

(In a nod to nerdery, the Hacksmith refers to his project as a protosaber and not a lightsaber because, in Star Wars lore, protosabers were the forerunners of lightsabers that needed to be connected to an external power source.)

The Hacksmith’s team took a year to build the Kylo Ren saber from an earlier working prototype, which could even be used for duelling.

We’ve been following the Hacksmith for a while now and always enjoy how he is able to bring to life ideas and concepts from movies, video games, and comics.

Check out his other creations on his channel here and let us know what you think of his Kylo Ren lightsaber and other creations!



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