Start The New Year By Cleaning Up Your Computer!

Start the new year right with National Clean Up Your Computer Month and KonMari-fy your computer!

It’s not entirely clear how this month became designated as National Clean Up Your Computer month. According to some sources like this press release, it seems to have either been mooted or at least encouraged by The Vinegar Institute. Regardless, it’s not a bad way to kick off the year – especially when you consider how the average desktop computer has 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat

So, clean up your computer both online and offline: sanitize your grimy keyboard, back up your hard drive, organize your folders and pictures, tidy up your desktop, delete unused files, and wipe down your monitor! 

How to, uh… “celebrate” this month:

  • First, Backup – Before doing anything major with your computer, it’s always good to make sure you back everything up.
  • Organize your documents – All those icons on your desktop or the hundreds of files dumped into a single cloud drive could be better organized into various folders that make sense. You might also want to have an organizing system with consistent file names.
  • Sort out your email – Don’t be afraid to delete the emails you don’t need anymore! Then organize the rest just like your documents into meaningful folders so that you know where to search for them when you need to. Also, take the time to reduce spam by unsubscribing to all those automated mails that you’ve inadvertently accumulated over time.
  • Delete unnecessary programs and uninstall apps – Some apps and programs were installed at the moment you needed them, but may have become unnecessary since. Deleting them from your device is a great way to unclutter and also ensure it runs smoothly.
  • Clear storage – Empty that recycle bin! Check out what’s taking up large amounts of space on your computer and, if you don’t need them anymore, delete them.
  • Clean the device itself – Before cleaning, make sure you turn off the power and unplug your computer. Clean out dirt and debris from air vents, wipe down your monitor with a screen cleaner, and clean that disgusting keyboard (remember – 400 times more bacteria than your toilet seat)!

Here’s to a clean start for the year!


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