#FanFilmFriday: Marvel Knights – Spider-Man

We stumbled upon this little fan film featuring everyone’s favourite friendly, neighbourhood wall-crawler: Spider-man!

Marvel Knights: Spider-Man is a no-budget fan film – a valiant attempt by Made Legit Media. Most of it is really quite enjoyable… except for the scene involving The Lizard (wait for it, you’ll see what we mean). Though, the post-credit teaser was a nice touch!

It’s also really cool is that Made Legit Media was able to develop this into a 5-episode web miniseries:

Episode 1 – Shaken

Episode 2 – Rise of Carnage

Episode 3 – The Hunt

Episode 4 – Vices

Episode 5 – Revelations


A nice little find, even as we’re drooling over Marvel’s Spider-Man: Homecoming coming out next month (7 July 2017!!!).

Total viewing time (6 videos): 1 hour 15 minutes.

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