#FanFilmFriday: Street Fighter – Legacy

Street Fighter – Legacy is a live-action short film fan project, based on the popular Capcom gaming franchise: Street Fighter. In fact, Capcom actually endorsed the film!

In this film, Ryu fights his old sparring partner Ken Masters. It’s quite a fun little video with a well-choreographed fight scene. It’s clearly a labour of love for director Joey Ansah; you can see that a lot of detail went into it.

You can read more about how Ansah approached the film in interviews here and here, where he says:

As an actor, filmmaker and fan, I have been disappointed by the many diluted, unfaithful and outright butchered movie adaptations of fighting video games. It was clear to me, that given the way the movie industry worked, we would never see a super faithful, darker toned and more adult themed (or just plain good!) incarnation of Street Fighter unless a die-hard director or filmmaking team with game canon knowledge stepped up to the plate to helm such a project. So almost a year ago, I began writing script treatments (with my writing collaborator and great friend Christian Howard, who also plays Ken) and a production design brief and partnered with Streetlight films before proposing my concept and vision to Capcom. I’m pleased to say they gave their blessing and permission for the project to move forward.

You can view BTS footage in two featurettes: Street fighter: Legacy – ‘Designing the fights’ and Street Fighter: Legacy – Costume Design.

Find out more on the official YouTube page and the ‘Street Fighter: Legacy’ Official Facebook Group.

Total viewing time: 3:12 minutes

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