The Sax’s Creator Day of Birth

The concept of being geeky should not be confined to the realm of TV and popular culture. In fact, it should encompass all things that are novel and fun. Thus, it is a good time as any to celebrate the evergreen saxophone – well specifically the birthday of its creator – Antoine-Joseph ‘Adolphe’ Sax.

If it had not been for Mr. Sax, Kenny G, Bob Marley, swing, jazz, and the Blues would not have come to be. Today is his 201st birthday and this renowned inventor from Belgium created the saxophone after he spent some time flute and clarinet. The end result of his work, consisting saxotromba, saxhorn, saxtuba, gave birth to the saxophone.

Google, in wanting to celebrate Mr. Sax’s birthday did five Google Doodles for the good man.

Google-Sax-03 Google-Sax-02

Try to catch it all for collection sake.



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