Macross Delta Brings in Idol Group Concept

Ever since Macross Frontier ended, capping off with a massive 30th Anniversary videogame crossover that mixed up all the known Macross titles in the franchise, sans the erstwhile Macross II, almost everyone agreed that only the next Macross series could top such a class act.


Macross Delta, as it is called, had a lot going for it since most of the core team from the Macross Frontier anime and game productions have been pulled over. They even had auditions for the idol role, a practice that is now becoming a norm for the Macross brand.

Then the trailer appeared and it, personally, raised some concerns.

With the idol team platform now being a huge draw for anime productions, it is easy to fall into the ‘me too!’ trap. Macross Delta, having a long and rich heritage of being a pioneer in the idol anime scene, should have been able to side-step the growing need to include an idol group. After all, the franchise did try the concept with a ‘more band than idol group’ Fire Bomber and Milky Dolls idol group for Macross Digital VFX.

In fact, since it’s known to be a trend-setter and an anime industry stalwart, Macross Delta should have taken the lead with its already tried and tested super idol format.

Macross-Delta-01Having two idol groups does not reflect well on its legacy. In fact, playing up the pretty boy and beautiful/cute girl factor, while a slight necessity for Maross Frontier, has also become a necessary draw. This really downplays Macross Delta’s latent potential to try out new and yet-to-be-used innovative ideas.


In having two idol groups that would possibly sing in the jets they pilot, is like an expansive sequel to Macross 7.

At the very least, the new fighter jets – the VF-31 Siegfried and Sv-262 Draken III – take their referencing from the original YF-19 and YF-21 designs used in Macross Plus.

Macross-Delta-03 Macross-Delta-05

Macross-Delta-04 Macross-Delta-06

Of course, these views may be disproved or confirmed once Maross Delta starts airing.

All images used are copyrighted to: Studio Nue, Satelight, and Shoji Kawamori



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